About Our Team

Welcome to Dragon Fuel! We are a dragon boat paddling team that like to play hard, train hard, and WIN BIG! We have a champion mindset whether we win or lose. We love health and fitness and love to show others around us how easy it is to live healthy and have fun doing it. 

We just completed our first season in 2016.  It was a year of firsts.  Coach Brandy's first year coaching, Katie's first year as tiller and for most team members our first competitions ever! 

Captain Brandy and team at a special practice session at Vancouver Lake.

Coach Brandy has paddled since 2003 and decided to start a team to bring together people how want to eat and live healthy and still have fun! And what better way to do that than as a team on a dragon boat?  Her mission is Faith, Family and Fitness.  Brandy is in independent

The Dragon Fuel Approach:
Dragon Fuel is one of a few teams in Portland that uses the "Stratford stroke." Coach Brandy paddled for 13 years with our sister team The Fire Breathing Blowfish, and has brought the Stratford stroke to Dragon Fuel for its efficiency and discipline. If you are interested in checking out the stroke, as well as gain a little knowledge about paddling before checking it out, try out these You Tube videos:

Practice Schedule:
We practice 3 times a week without fail during the racing season (from April through October) and 1-2 times per week through the winter as the weather and safety conditions allow.

See our calendar for upcoming practice times.  Paid members are also invited to Team Cowboy, a website that allows us to track practice RSVPs, distribute announcements and share other information.